Disinfectants & Sporicides


VAI offers an extensive line of EPA registered disinfectants and sporicides: all available in our patented simple mix system. What is SimpleMix? A container system that provides a safe, effective way to mix a fresh, accurate disinfectant formulation every time with a simple push of a cap.

Cleanroom Documentation Systems

Core2Print, Core2Write, & CleanPrint 10

Introducing our innovative line of cleanroom documentation products, CleanPrint 10 a cellulose free synthetic writing substrate and printing medium, Core2Print a HEPA filtered cleanroom printing system, and Core2Write custom logbooks, labels, ID Tags.

Cleaning Equipment

Core2Clean Plus: Cleaning Made Automated

Core2Clean Plus is a cleaning device designed for use in controlled environments by incorporating multiple cleaning components in one. The Core2Clean Plus assures efficient cleaning while maximizing disinfectant effectiveness.


One Wipe, Multiple Solutions

VAI’s wipe line includes a variety of dry and saturated wipes for use in any cleanroom application. Many of our saturated wipes use our chemicals with the same substrate for easy validation and incorporation across a facility.

Process Cleaning Detergents

Process2Clean: Clean in Place Solutions

Process2Clean detergents have been specifically designed for critical clean in place applications. They have been engineered to effectively remove a multitute of pharmaceutical and biotech product residues.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment

SMA OneTouch ICS

VAI presents the SMA OneTouch® ICS, a computerized, automated, viable air monitoring system that controls calibrated and precise air sampling through individual or multiple SMA Atrium® locations.

Disposable Garments

Sterile Cleanroom Garments, Face Masks, and Apparel

VAI launches two newly redesigned garment series that feature our patented Easy2Gown fold system. Either our SMS or MP line can suit any need in your operation.

Cleaners, Lubricants, & Buffers

CLEAN. SHINE. PROTECT. Cleanroom Equipment

Cleaning equipment after disinfection is an important step in any cleaning rotation cycle. By removing disinfectant residues the surface is protected from degrading over time. Our line of cleaners, lubricants, and buffers will address all challenges faced in cleaning rotation cycles.


Quality Grade, Bulk Packaged, Water

VAI WFI Quality Water and STERI-WATER, Purified Water, are bulk packaged, sterile, high quality grade, water packaged in our ABCD Cleanroom Introduction System. Perfect for disinfectant preparation, chemical formulation, cleaning, rinsing and lubricating parts.

Cart Transfer Systems

Cart2Core®: Aseptic Cart Transfer

The Cart2Core System provides the ability for cleanroom operations to transfer materials through classified areas while reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. A previously arduous process has become simple.

End-to-End Tracking

Core2Scan: Cleanroom Traceability System

An identification and tracking system that pairs RFID, QR, and barcode asset or procedural identification tags, scanners (middleware), and software tracking technology with a facility’s equipment, products, and/or procedures.

Blank or Custom Printed

Cellulose Free Cleanroom Labels

VAI®’s Core2Write® cleanroom labels are constructed of VAI’s CleanPrint 10® synthetic writing substrate that is cellulose free, does not shed, autoclavable, and smear, chemical and water resistant so you never lose critical documentation. Labels are available in sheet or roll format and either sterile or non-sterile.

Portable Viable Monitoring

SMA MicroPortable® ICS

With a 316L Stainless Steel Construction, the SMA MicroPortable ICS has been designed for superior precision and control of portable air sampling with an intuitive touchscreen, automatic configurations, three flow rates, and remote accessibility.

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