Core2Scan System

Core2Scan: End-to-End Tracking System

What is the Core2Scan System? The Core2Scan System is an identification and tracking system that pairs RFID, QR, or barcode identification tags, scanners (middleware), and software tracking technology with a facility’s equipment, products, and/or procedures.

How does the Core2Scan System Work? Information from an asset’s tag is continuously read via a handheld or fixed scanner and communicated to a facility’s SCADA, LIMS, or custom tracking software system.

What are the Applications of Core2Scan? The Core2Scan System allows operations to:  confirm equipment or asset location, validate cleaning timeframes and schedules, assign assets to specific areas, verify calibration deadlines and locations, assure accuracy, ensure procedural completion and precision, track manufacturing steps, and allow for Standard Operating Procedure and GMP accountability. The Core2Scan System ensures complete end-to-end tracking.

What are the Benefits of the Core2Scan System? The Core2Scan System confirms overall accountability in your facility or operation. The Core2Scan System reduces man hour documentation, is easy to use, and provides years of use at a low cost.

How is the Best System for Your Operation Determined? VAI will work with you to choose the system that best fits your operation’s needs. After identifying the assets or procedures that need complete traceability we will work with you on integrating RFID, barcoding, or QR coding. With the help of VAI, firms will then choose the middleware and software to be integrated into existing facility infrastructure.

What Compatible Products Does VAI Offer? VAI manufactures compatible Core2Write products with our Core2Scan System. Core2Write RFID Key Tags, Two Part Tags, Logbooks, and Labels can incorporate barcoding, QR coding, and RFID for tracking purposes. In addition, VAI offers 316L stainless steel barcoded tags that have been designed to withstand the most extreme temperature conditions.

  • System Applications
    • Confirms equipment or asset location
    • Validation on cleaning time frames and schedules
    • Verifies calibration deadlines and locations
    • Assures accuracy
    • Provides documentation
    • Tracks manufacturing steps
    • Allows for Standard Operating Procedure and GMP accountability
  • Compatible RFID, QR, & Barcode Products:
    • Core2Write Logbooks
    • Core2Write Labels
    • Core2Write Two Part Tags
    • Core2Write RFID Key Tags
    • Stainless Steel Barcoded Tags