Easy2Gown Gowning System


An innovative, yet, easy system developed to prevent user contamination during the critical process of aseptic gowning.

What is the Easy2Gown System®?

  • A fold that makes proper aseptic gowning procedure an easy process instead of a routine challenge
  • The fold presents the inside of the gown upon donning so the sterile outside of the gown is protected
  • Allows for minimal contact and cross-contamination to the gown during the gowning process
  • Overall, the operator has fewer manipulations while donning

What are the Benefits of the Easy2Gown System?

  • Reduced training time and gowning time because the garment is pre-folded to be gowned right
  • More efficiency translates to time savings in manufacturing
  • Better efficiency and performance in gowning qualifications and re-qualifications
  • Risk of operator contamination is greatly reduced during gowning process
  • Minimizes operator error
  • Hands-on training available upon request
  • Available in our coveralls, hoods, and boots

Patents: www.sterile.com/patents