UCAN Details

UCAN Details


UCAN sterilization packaging material is an excellent choice for autoclaving and packaging clean materials that need to enter a classified area.  UCAN is made of a nylon material that can with stand temperatures up to 325 °F (162.7 °C) for up to six hours.

Patents: www.sterile.com/patents

Additional Information

  • Features and Benefits
    • All bags have a single seal at the bottom
    • Can be easily sealed using any high impact heat sealer
    • Tested in accordance with ASTM standard for cleanliness
    • Available in sterile and non-sterile
    • Multiple sizes
    • Custom sizes and packaging to meet any needs
    • 5 year expiration
  • Product Uses
    • Component parts
    • Porous and non-porous items
    • Bowls
    • Aseptic connections
    • Sanitary fittings
    • Sampling tubes
    • Stainless and aluminum parts
    • HDPE
    • Other items requiring a clean bag and seal system prior to entry into classified areas
  • Technical Documents