CORE Testing Services Details

CORE Testing Services Details


The CORE (Critical Ongoing Residue Evaluation) program is a service offered within the VAI® Laboratories division of VAI.  This department tests user product residues on Stainless Steel coupons in our unique CORE Analysis Chamber to determine the level of cleaning achieved by our process cleaning detergents.

Testing is designed around the client’s product residues and detergent choice to provide the client with a sound scientific rationale in your process cleaning detergent selection. CORE ultimately helps the end user implement the necessary internal and external regulatory expectations and choose the correct detergent by performing and providing analytical methods of detection, process cleaning compatibility, TOC curves, conductivity curves, toxicological reports, and controlled documents to assist in validation.

The CORE program provides an excellent means to define where present systems are and where they want to be in the future. May it be older operations or a new operation, the CORE program provides the development of consistent and dependable cleaning procedures.

With our Process Cleaning Detergents, Process2Clean, our Biomedical Research Detergents, Cage2Wash, and our CORE Program, operations can be assured the correct and most effective product is being used.


Additional Information

  • Specific Testing Services
    • Analytical methods of detection
    • Process cleaning compatibility
    • TOC curves
    • Conductivity curves
    • Toxicological reports
    • Controlled documents to assist in validation
  • Industries Served
    • Lab Animal Research
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biotechnology
    • Cosmetic
    • Medical Device
    • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Associated Product Lines
    • Process2Clean – Process Cleaning Detergents
    • Cage2Wash – Lab Animal Research Detergents