Core2Scan System

Core2Scan System

The Core2Scan® Tracking Solution manages the location, data, and workflows associated with assets in a compliant, accurate manner. Assets may include equipment, products, and even people! 

With the Core2Scan® Tracking Solution, simply attach a Core2Scan® tag to an asset. Then, fixed or mobile readers track its location and send the information to the Core2Scan software. The Core2Scan software manages all of the information related to the asset. This information may include location and documentation, as well as preventative maintenance, calibration, and service workflows.

The Core2Scan® Tracking Solution is endlessly customizable to meet the exact needs of your organization. All aspects of Core2Scan®, from tag type, scanner location, and software configuration, will be selected with care to meet your unique needs. Core2Scan® is compliant with industry regulations and the data contained within the system can be leveraged to support audit, internal review, and data integrity assessments. The Core2Scan® software is responsive in design, user-friendly, and most importantly supports 21 CFR and EU Annex 11 compliance.

Core2Scan® is the Solution to Industry Challenges
• Asset costs soar when missing items need to be replaced. Core2Scan® tracks the location of valuable assets.
• Time is lost locating assets and records, and managing workflows. Core2Scan® instantly locates assets, stores records, and manages workflows.
• Product waste is caused by lost batch records or out of specification equipment. Core2Scan® manages records, maintenance, service, and calibration workflows.
• Compliance failures and unfollowed procedures cause major response efforts. Core2Scan® is compliant and notifies personnel of upcoming and overdue projects.

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