Core2Scan Tags Details

Core2Scan Tags Details


Core2Scan® tags are the first step in the Core2Scan Solution.

Tags containing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inlays are attached directly to an asset. The tags are used to track and store product information such as manufacturer, model number, serial number, lot number, expiration date, sterilization date, configuration data, manufacturing details, maintenance history, and more.

RFID Inlays can be scanned without a direct line of sight or a specific orientation. Information can be added, encrypted, and password protected. RFID Inlays can also store much more information than traditional barcodes.

RFID coded Logbooks, Labels, and Forms are available in custom colors, features, and printing. For more information, see Core2Write on page 158.

Multiple tag options are available to fit specific facility requirements.

Additional Information

  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • VAI-TAG-01 is manufactured of 2 layers of CleanPrint 10 and laminated for added strength and durability. It does not shed and is chemically resistant to many VAI chemicals.
    • VAI-TAG-GAMMA-01 Has all the qualities of VAI-TAG-01 with the addition of a sterilizable RFID Inlay that has been tested and proven to survive repeated gamma sterilization, X-ray, e-beam, and other types of radiation and sterilization.
  • Features and Benefits
    • Durable for use in long-life industrial applications
    • Compatible with RFID readers
    • Programmed to hold key information exactly where it is needed
    • Equipped to capture large quantities of data accurately and quickly
    • Designed for global usage across the entire supply chain
    • Economical, can be scanned quickly without the need to unpack boxes