Disposable Garments

Disposable Garments

VAI®’s Disposable Products Manufacturing Division (DPMD) has addressed the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semi-conductor, medical device, electronics, and healthcare industries by designing a complete range of sterile and non-sterile disposable garments. Product lines include: sterile disposable garments, sterile and non-sterile face masks, and non-sterile cleanroom apparel.

The sterile disposable garment product lines have been designed specifically for the needs of an aseptic cleanroom operation. VAI’s sterile disposable garments consist of two fabric types that are constructed identically but cited for two different uses. The SMS garment line is built with a high quality spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS) non-woven polypropylene fabric that provides excellent breathability while maintaining protection. Our MP line is built using a non-woven, microporous, coated material that provides even greater personal protection in the cleanroom. VAI’s disposable garments provide 100% garment sterility assurance and a significantly reduced chance of gowning contamination, while keeping the comfort and breathability when compared to traditional, reusable garments.

Disposable garments are packaged in VAI’s, patented, Easy2Gown fold system.  The Easy2Gown design is a fold that makes a proper aseptic gowning procedure an easy process instead of a routine challenge.  To learn more about Easy2Gown, click here.

VAI’s sterile and non-sterile PF-2 face masks are soft, comfortable, and have excellent breathability. The blend is made of rayon and laminated with an acrylic binder. VAI’s PF-2 face masks provide excellent barrier capabilities, reduce goggle fogging, and are available in multiple varieties.

VAI offers a variety of additional cleanroom apparel including bouffant hats, sweat-less headbands, and shoe and boot covers.

Additionally, VAI® offers barrier gowns for use where handling hazardous drugs or chemicals, where exposure to bloodborne pathogens, or where liquid splashes are a concern. USP <800> Gowns have been designed and tested specifically for compliance with the USP <800> guidance for handling of hazardous drugs. To learn more, click here.

All disposable products are manufactured with high quality material and assembled in a controlled environment.  To learn more about our Disposable Products Manufacturing Division and its capabilities, click here.

Patents: www.sterile.com/patents

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Product Lines:

Garments Offered:

  • Coveralls
  • Hoods
  • Protective Sleeves
  • Knee-High Boots
  • Face Masks
  • Frocks
  • Headbands
  • Bouffant Hats
  • Boot Covers
  • Shoe Covers