MP Sterile Garments Details

MP Sterile Garments Details


VAI’s disposable garment product line has been redeveloped and newly designed specifically for the needs of an aseptic cleanroom operation. The disposable garments have been refined to include more flexibility while maintaining a tailored design that works for all body types. VAI’s disposable garments provide 100% garment sterility assurance and a significantly reduced chance of gowning contamination, while keeping the comfort and breathability when compared to traditional, reusable garments.

VAI’s MP garments are built using a heavy weight, non-woven, high quality microporous coated material. The MP disposable garments are extremely tough and fluid resistant and have superior barrier performance. This MP fabric has the best particulate performance in its segment. MP fabric is suited for use where maximum protection to product or wearer is required. The MP material has excellent liquid resistance, and creates an impervious barrier that prevents passage of bacteria and non-viable particulates through the garment material.

MP garment configurations include classic coveralls, open face hoods, hoods with integrated face mask, knee-high boots, protective sleeves, and frocks.

Disposable garments are packaged in VAI’s, patented, Easy2Gown fold system.  The Easy2Gown design is a fold that makes a proper aseptic gowning procedure an easy process instead of a routine challenge.  This allows operators to have fewer manipulations while donning these garments, therefore, reducing cross-contamination.The Easy2Gown system incorporates a patented fold that was designed to minimize contact between the operator and the outside of the gown.  By presenting the inside of the gown upon opening the packaging, the sterile outside is protected from the transfer of contamination during the gowning process.  The user is able to gown with minimal contact to the sterile, outside, portions of the gown.  To learn more about our Easy2Gown system, click here.

Additional Information

  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Raw materials are quality assurance tested and lot controlled
    • Fully assembled in a controlled environment
    • Sewing area employs CAD assisted cutting and seaming equipment, therefore, reducing manual manipulation of the garment
    • Individually packaged and labeled with the lot number and expiration date
    • Packaged in easy tear bags with two liner bags per case
    • Completely lot traceable
    • Validated sterile with a 5 year closed bag expiration
    • Lot sterility tested according to current USP compendium
    • All garments are delivered with lot specific documentation packages including Certificates of Irradiation and Certificates of Sterility
    • Garments are sized to ANSI standards for disposable coveralls
  • Features and Benefits
    • Heavy weight, non-woven and high quality microporous (MP) coated material
    • Suited for use where maximum protection to product or wearer is required
    • Fabric is heavy weight and extremely tough
    • Excellent liquid resistance, especially to chemicals
    • Provides protection to low level splashes and sprays
    • Has a leading bacterial and particle filtration efficiency creating an impervious barrier
    • A 100% bound seam construction for increased durability and reduced particle permeability
    • Double layer front flaps for increased protection from contamination
    • Elastic thumb loops and tunnelized elastic wrists and ankles
    • Elastic in high movement areas for ease of movement and to ensure appropriate garment fit
    • Active athletic styling with a tailored design for flexibility and to fit all body types
    • Easy2Gown folded to reduce operator contamination and reduce gowning time
  • Technical Documents