Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

VAI’s Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) addresses the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, and electronics industries with a complete range of Viable and Non-Viable Environmental Monitoring Equipment.  To learn more about ECMD, click here.

VAI’s Viable Air Monitoring Equipment is designed to sample a quantifiable amount of air for viable contamination using our patented Sterilizable Microbial Atrium (SMA®) and a standard media plate.  A SMA Atrium® is a 316L Stainless Steel capture device that is connected to a controlled vacuum source, such as the SMA OneTouch® ICS.  Air is directed from the environment to impact onto a media plate contained inside of the Atrium.  The media plate is then incubated and tested to determine the number of viable organisms per cubic foot or liter of air.  The SMA Atrium is compatible with the following equipment:

  • SMA OneTouch® ICS – Computerized air monitoring system featuring a touchscreen interface
  • SMA MicroPortable® Air Sampler – Battery powered, lightweight, and portable air monitoring system
  • SMA® Compressed Air/Gas Sampler – Battery powered sampler for compressed air and gas
  • SMA OneTouch® Command Systems – Features SMA® Digital Display Control Centers (DDC) and SMA OneTouch® Control Panels

The SMA OneTouch ICS and SMA OneTouch Command Systems are available in Isolator configurations which allow you to manage different aspects of the sample cycle from within a controlled environment while locating the flow center and vacuum pump in a non-controlled environment.

VAI’s Non-Viable Environmental Monitoring systems are used for continuous or period monitoring of particle counts in cleanrooms and critical environments. The SMA MicroParticle ICSTM offer unmatched environmental control by utilizing the latest innovations in particle counting technology and by integrating several features not found in other Particle Counters. The instruments have 6 channels and measure particles from 0.3 microns to 25.0 microns at a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). SMA MicroParticle ICS instruments are available in four models.

  • HandHeld Model – a lightweight, battery powered, and portable particle counting unit with an integrated handle for easy maneuvering during a one-handed operation
  • Table Top Model – an easy to configure unit that can be used as a stand-alone battery operated instrument or wall mounted for integration into an existing monitoring system
  • Wall Mount Model – a fixed sampling, stationary unit that offers seamless integration into an existing monitoring system with versatile mounting options
  • Remote Model – the industry’s smallest unit that has been designed for remote applications where mounting space is limited

ECMD also offers the H-Y Tumble Drum®.  The purpose of the H-Y Tumble Drum is to test garments, wipers, gloves, and other cleanroom ready products to determine the amount of particulates and shedding.

Patents: www.sterile.com/patents

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  • Environmental monitoring
  • Air sampling
  • Particle counting
  • Computerized equipment
  • Installed equipment
  • Portable equipment
  • Compressed air/gas sampling
  • Isolator air sampling