VAI Labs

VAI Labs

VAI® Laboratories closes the gap of required regulatory documentation by providing contract microbial identification and antimicrobial effectiveness studies. The successful operation of a cleanroom is dependent on the exactness of the information available and the implementation of a plan of action from such information. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare professionals have been required by the FDA to address known contamination within their facility and develop a validated plan of action to remove such contamination. This requirement will not change in the future. In fact, qualifications for cleanroom operations will only become more stringent as time progresses.

The importance of addressing existent contaminants is a situation that requires guaranteed effort. Complete and documented efficacy performance testing and in-situation testing to prove the removal of existent contamination is a very costly and time-consuming task. To date, there has been no encompassing alternative provided in the marketplace that can provide these services. As time constraints and the availability of personnel within GMP firms may be unavailable to conduct these important studies, one can have VAI Laboratories complete these items on a contract basis.

VAI Laboratories is a value-added service available through Veltek Associates, Inc. that not only completes required testing but also provides an invaluable source of information from experienced laboratory and disinfection professionals who are involved daily in GMP settings.

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Product Types:

  • Time Contact Kill Studies
  • AOAC Protocol Testing
  • Disinfectant Validation
  • Microbial Identification
  • Antimicrobial Effectiveness Studies
  • Bio-decontamination System Design