Muestreador de aire SMA MicroPortable ICS - Acero inoxidable

Pantalla táctil, carcasa de acero inoxidable 316L, caudales seleccionables de 1, 2 y 5 CFM

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SMA MicroPortable ICS Air Samplers are used for the automated collection of microorganisms in the air. They are battery powered and compact which allows them to be easily moved to desired air sampling points. These viable air samplers are networked devices that can be remotely controlled and monitored. Delivered with customer specified SMA Atrium Top, Battery (SMA-ICSMP-BAT), and Charger (SMA-ICSMP-CHGR / Specify region when ordering). Compatible with the Air Transport Association (ATA) Style Transport Case for SMA MicroPortable Air Samplers ( SMA-HARDCASE).