While years have gone by and technology has changed, many GMP firms have not re-evaluated the effectiveness of their process cleaning detergents. At the same time, the industry grows and new operations manufacturing new products blossom each day. In both scenarios, the need for routine evaluations to be conducted is essential to achieve overall site optimization. In the competitive world, cleaning down time costs operations enormous amounts of overhead, time, and money. Normally these costs can be dramatically reduced by the use of more efficient and state-of-the-art detergents that work specifically against residues in current times. At the same time, firms also find that combination cleaning, not in present scopes, reduce the amount of cleaning time, cleaning chemicals used, and the level of personnel required to clean critical surfaces.

The proper selection of optimal detergents can also positively effect: substrate integrity, effluent concerns, overall chemical usage, storage, and inventory issues. The CORE (Critical Ongoing Residue Evaluation) program is a service offered within the VAI® Laboratories division of VAI. The focus of the division is to provide our clients with a specialized laboratory service that can assist them in performing product contact cleaning evaluation studies as an external service.

With our Process Cleaning Detergents, Process2Clean, our Biomedical Research Detergents, Cage2Wash, and our CORE Program, operations can be assured the correct and most effective product is being used.



Program Features:

  • Analytical methods of detection
  • Process cleaning compatibility
  • TOC curves
  • Conductivity curves
  • Toxicological reports
  • Controlled documents to assist in validation