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For countless years GMP firms have struggled with the problematic issue of “how do we transfer carts from the exterior unclassified area or the adjacent lesser grade (C/D) classified area to the Grade A/B area?” Cleaning and subsequent disinfection of the upper portions of carts, while labor intense, are manageable. However, the bases and wheels have been one of the most problematic situations in the industry to date.

Cleaning of bases, wheels, casters and underneath the cart are virtually impossible. Any procedure implemented is, on the whole, ineffective in cleaning and disinfecting, a safety issue, and most of the time corrosive to the cart. The inability to easily reach all pertinent surface areas of the base or wheels at the floor level causes problematic situations with assured and effective wiping of these surfaces. Thus, cleaning is compromised.

Subsequent disinfection of the surfaces usually relies on blind spraying which means some areas required to be disinfected are never wetted with the disinfectant. Over spraying of the area becomes a problem and can eventually lead to corrosion and required replacement of parts. Not only do these situations arise, but these “hard to reach locations” can contaminate employees’ gloves and gowns, tear gloves, and are a safety hazard as blindly reaching under carts and behind wheels, place employees at risk of injury.

The Cart2CoreTM System reduces the possibility of particulate and microbial contamination transfer from a lesser classified area to the subsequently cleaner area of the operation. The Cart2Core System allows for transfer of the cart top to another previously cleaned, disinfected, or sterilized cart base located in the next and cleaner classification. Therefore, contamination from lesser classifications coming in contact with the floor or personnel is reduced. With one lift of the handle and a slide, the Cart2Core System transfers any cart top from one cart base to another, leaving the potential contamination behind. The need for ineffective cleaning or disinfection at the floor level is eliminated.


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