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Leaders in Contamination Control

For nearly 40 years, Veltek Associates, Inc. (VAI®), headquartered in Malvern, PA, has pioneered the design and manufacture of hundreds of cleanroom solutions that surround contamination control. These innovations, many of them landmarks in the industry’s history, allow our customers to overcome challenges and reach their business goals. Plus, VAI clients have more than a solutions provider, they have a partner and trusted advisor. With today’s complex research challenges, new competition, and increasing government regulations, a true partnership is more important than ever.

For us, it’s simple. Innovation is about listening to industry challenges directly from our customers and not stopping until we find the answer. Together with our clients, we have been developing new solutions for the cleanroom industry for more than 40 years attaining over 150 worldwide patents. Our innovations have allowed our clients to do remarkable things— from biotechnology breakthroughs to pharmaceutical discoveries—that help millions of people every day. From our early days of developing the first sterile garments to our latest innovations, VAI develops products that revolutionize and simplify aseptic manufacturing.

Our goal is to provide complete, full circle contamination control products, service, testing and training. Unmatched in the industry, VAI combines multiple disciplines and related products and services that all combine together to provide a full circle contamination control partner and resource for GMP, Healthcare, Lab Animal Semiconductor and Electronics requirements. The products from VAI’s four divisions build upon each other, making the company a full-circle, single-source supplier able to address any pharmaceutical or biotechnology contamination control requirement.

However, it is not enough to just listen. VAI’s corporate directive is to assure that we use and QC the finest raw ingredients/components, manufacture the highest quality product, test the product to the highest standards, stay on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, assure timely delivery and have unmatched client relationships and customer service. Combining experience, innovation, performance, GMP manufacturing, GLP Testing Services, and unrelenting service has propelled VAI as the ultimate innovative leader in the market.

Our History

History of Innovation = Future of Promise

VAI® was founded in 1981 by Arthur L. Vellutato, Sr. as a direct result of his answers to the challenges the industry faced. Our main goal, therefore, became developing simple and concise solutions to the common problems experienced within cleanroom operations.

Applying his more than 30 years of experience in finding alternative methods for established industry practices in the pharmaceutical industry, his leadership of VAI resulted in a continuous stream of successful products that is still carried on today. If one word was synonymous with VAI it would be innovation. Since its founding, VAI has followed two corporate principles—listen and innovate. Together with our customers, we have designed and manufactured countless products and services that are designed to meet current industry needs, as well as serving the industry for years to come.

After Arthur L. Vellutato, Sr.’s passing in 2009, his son, Arthur L. Vellutato, Jr., took over as President and CEO of VAI after over 20 years serving as the Director of Sales, Marketing, and Technical Operations. Arthur L. Vellutato, Jr. brought his love of VAI and constant attention to customer satisfaction to his new role as leader and driving force of VAI’s continued success.

With its continued strong growth, VAI is poised to create innovative products and services to further simplify and advance the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research and development industries. Our inspiration is to use the knowledge we have acquired along with the assistance of our customers to continue developing alternative methods to aid and simplify established industry practices, as well as create new and innovative processes. Our promising future will be built upon our past successes and driven by our unwavering commitment to our customers and innovation.

More than 500 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare clients around the world turn to VAI® because we understand the challenges they face. Our experience and unsurpassed technical expertise means “real-world” solutions from customers who have worked in the industry. Due to extensive product lines, a relationship with VAI means a cost-effective way to buy cleanroom products.

At VAI, we develop our products in an environment that mimics your environment, providing a seamless development process that ensures accuracy and precision. When you work with us, you get recommendations from technical experts who have extensive industry experience, not just sales people. This means you get exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.

  • 1981

    We produced the first disposable garments manufactured, from start to finish, in a cleanroom environment. From that point on, manufacturers were assured the cleanliness of the final product.

  • 1985

    We designed the SMA®, the first microbial air sampler that could be completely sterilized.

  • 1993

    VAI scientists developed the first 0.2 micron filtered alcohol that was irradiated
    sterile in a non-aspirating aerosol spray container and in bulk containers.

  • 1993

    We developed the first sterilized disinfectants and sporicides that were filtered at 0.2 microns and packaged in unit dose and bulk containers.

  • 1996

    We introduced the first 0.2 micron filtered and sterilized cleanroom lubricants, bringing a new level of flexibility and security to cleanroom environments.

  • 1997

    We designed and manufactured the first sterile chemicals for use in parenteral

  • 1997
  • 2000

    VAI developed the Core2Clean Plus® Spray/Mop/Fog System that modernized the way
    cleaning and disinfection was accomplished in the industry by providing an all-in-one, versatile unit to replace conventional cleaning equipment.

  • 2003

    VAI developed the SimpleMix® System, the first sealed, multichamber container that
    houses both VAI® WFI Quality Water and the correct use dilution sporicide or disinfectant.

  • 2006

    The complete line of Process2Clean products are released. Designed specifically for critical clean-in-place applications, these products are VAI’s most effective solution for preventing and removing product residues and help assure contamination control.

  • 2008

    VAI® took garments to a new level with the Easy2Gown System®. Our patented fold provides technicians with fewer garment manipulations. This results in reduced training time, reduced down time, reduced contamination risk, and increased manufacturing time.

  • 2009

    VAI has answered the needs of the pharmaceutical industry by developing the first sterile sodium hypochlorite (HYPO-CHLOR®) and hydrogen peroxide (STERI-PEROX®) wipes for use in cleanroom environments.

  • 2010

    Patented the first wireless facility viable microbial monitoring system, the SMA OneTouch Wireless Control Panel.

  • 2011
  • 2012

    Patented and marketed the first viable facility microbial monitoring system that incorporates plate bar code reading and data exchange to LIMS and other software systems.

  • 2013

    SMA® takes viable monitoring to a new level with the SMA OneTouch® ICS, a computerized, automated viable air monitoring system.

  • 2014

    CleanPrint 10® synthetic writing substrate is used for our Core2Write® products,
    a line of pre-printed logbooks, ID tags, and labels customized for the users’ needs.

  • 2015

    VAI makes printing in a controlled area possible with the Core2Print® cleanroom printing system that uses CleanPrint 10 non-shedding paper.

  • 2016

    VAI revolutionizes the previously arduous task of cleanroom cart transferring
    and makes it simple, with Cart2Core®, by allowing the cart top to be detached from its base, therefore leaving the contamination behind.

  • 2017

    Clean and sterile end-to-end cleanroom and controlled environment tracking with RFID, QR, and Barcode technology becomes feasible with VAI’s Core2Scan System. Entire operations can be tracked automatically without exacerbating contamination.

  • 2018

    VAI introduces a new line of particle counters. The SMA MicroParticle ICS® units utilize the latest innovations in particle counting technology and integrate several features not found in other Particle Counters.

  • 2019

    VAI develops HYPO-CHLOR® Neutral, an enhanced sodium hypochlorite solution with a neutral pH, available in our SimpleMix configuration. By lowering the pH of sodium hypochlorite, the biocidal activity increases and corrosivity decreases.

Mission Statement

  • Innovation solicits Creation

  • Creation summons Thought

  • Thought relies on Inspiration

  • Inspiration promotes Action

  • Action invites Movement

  • Movement warrants Relocation

  • Relocation creates Unfamiliarity

  • Unfamiliarity causes Learning

  • Learning returns us to Innovation

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