Biomedical Research Detergents

Biomedical Research Detergents

VAI offers a very comprehensive cleaning and decontamination program specific to the Biomedical Research field.  VAI’s line of Cage2Wash cleaning products have been specifically formulated for lab animal cage washing, ancillary component cleaning, and environmental decontamination applications.  The proper selection and use of the appropriate cleaning and decontamination agents to remove animal waste and control environmental contamination is critical to any research program.

VAI’s highly built GMP detergents are exceptionally effective in cleaning a wide variety of residues including, but not limited to; uric scale, water scale, animal fats, oils, organics, other related animal byproducts, and bioburden residues.  VAI also has a line of enzymatic detergents ideal for surgical instrument cleaning and scale removal.

VAI’s LAR program also includes a wide line of veterinary disinfectants, sporicidal agents, disposable garments, shoe covers, bouffant hats, chemical application equipment, and more.  All of these products work together to control contamination and build a comprehensive LAR program solution for your operation.  We also help you spec out and optimize your operations by offering a full line of equipment including, foam units, sprayers, proportioners, and chemical delivery pumps where applicable.

All detergent products are formulated under the highest quality standards in VAI’s GMP manufacturing facility.  Use dilutions typically range from .2 – 2% dependent upon the soil to be cleaned and are all very free rinsing.  Each product is shipped with a complete documentation package for full traceability.

Our LAR program includes water analysis, ATP Testing, free drum disposal (US only), consultative services, and more.