Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment

VAI’s Sterile Chemical Manufacturing Division (SCMD) and Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) have addressed the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare facilities with cleaning equipment specifically designed for use in controlled environments.

VAI’s Core2Clean® Plus systems eliminate the need to use multiple components to spray, mop, or fog by incorporating them within one device.  They assure cleaning and disinfection is done in an effective and efficient manner.  This system has been specially constructed for use in controlled environments and designed to be repeatedly and consistently sterilized.  Overall, the Core2Clean Plus allows operators to maximize disinfectant effectiveness.

Mop and Bucket systems provide an effective and easy way to wet-clean walls, floors, and ceilings in controlled manufacturing environments.  Additional components are available to increase the ease of use for operators.


Cleaning Systems:


  • Spray Guns
  • Mopheads
  • Foggers
  • Mop Covers
  • Mophead Sponges