Process Cleaning Detergents

Process Cleaning Detergents

Process2Clean cleaning products have been specifically formulated for critical process cleaning applications. In this venue, the appropriate use of process cleaning detergents warrants two concerns. The first concern relates to the ability of the chosen detergent to remove existent product residues that may exist in either open or closed process manufacturing equipment, vessels, or line circuits. The second concern is the ability to rinse free the process soil and detergent down to acceptable trace residual limits. This process assures that all product contact surfaces are clean prior to the formulation of subsequent product lots and eliminates the possibility of product contamination or product adulteration.

Process2Clean cleaning products have been engineered to effectively remove a multitude of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, medical device, food & beverage, and research & development manufacturing residues. All products are formulated with Water For Injection (WFI) and follow the highest quality manufacturing standards in VAI®’s GMP manufacturing facility. All VAI Process2Clean detergents are available in both sterile and non-sterile versions. The sterile version is ultra clean and assures that less contamination is introduced to the system.

A complete lot documentation package is provided with each product shipped. Also a comprehensive support package specific to each individual, VAI, detergent product is available to assist you with your cleaning validation plans.


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