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VAI offers a complete line of cleaners, lubricants, buffers, and residue removers.  These products include, DECON-CLEAN®, a residue remover and cleaner, HYPO-CHLOR® Neutral, a neutralized sodium hypochlorite solution in 0.25% or 0.52% concentrations, STERI-PEROX®3%, a hydrogen peroxide solution, STEEL-BRIGHT® a stainless steel polish, STERI-SILICON®, a sterile silicon lubricant, STERI-OIL 200®, a sterile mineral oil lubricant, STERI-BUFFER®, a phosphate buffer solution, and finally, DECON-GLASS®, a glass and plexiglass cleaner.

DECON-CLEAN and HYPO-CHLOR Neutral are offered in SimpleMix.  SimpleMix is a patented system that eliminates concerns by regulatory agencies for proper mixing and sterility of solution.  The system allows the operator to guarantee the appropriate dilution is made each time in a closed sterile system.  To learn more about our SimpleMix system, click here.

VAI’s capabilities for manufacturing products include the ability to fill aerosol, bulk, and unidose packages in ISO 5 (Grade A/B, Former Class 100).  Our aseptic filling operations are coupled with the validated and proven ability to irradiate a final product.  Assurances are taken in every aspect concerning sterility and particulate removal.  VAI’s operations mirror current GMP’s and enforces the adherence to USP specifications.  VAI is an EPA and FDA registered manufacturing facility.  To learn more about our division capabilities, click here.


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