SMA MicroParticle ICS Details

SMA MicroParticle ICS Details


The SMA MicroParticle ICS® Handheld, Table Top, and Wall Mounted Particle Counters are used to measure particle counts in cleanrooms and controlled environments. They simultaneously measure six particle size channels, as well as temperature and relative humidity.

The Handheld, Table Top, and Wall Mounted Particle Counters operate at a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). All three models have a color touch screen with user friendly software. Users can view data including records and reports. Data can be transferred to a facility monitoring system, printer, USB, or compatible software. Data is transferred via Ethernet, USB, Wireless RS 485 and RS 232 ports.

The Handheld and Table Top models can be operated by battery power or plugged directly into a charger. The Wall Mounted model must be connected to facility power. All three models have identical software and sampling capacity. However the Handheld model has the additional Real Time Meter Feature which allows users to pinpoint sources of contamination. This feature displays a bar graph that rises and falls with the increase of pulses counted per second, per channel. The closer the instrument is to the source, the higher the indication appears on the bar graph.

The SMA MicroParticle ICS Particle Counters are fast, efficient, and accurate. Advanced Processing allows for many operations to take place simultaneously, even while the instrument is sampling.

In addition to the three models above, VAI offers Remote Particle Counter Systems (RPCS). SMA MicroParticle ICS Remote Particle Counters are used to measure particle counts in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Remote Particle Counters simultaneously measure 2 particle size channels, 0.5 and 5.0 μm, with a flow rate of 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM). Remote Particle Counters are available in stainless steel, surface mount and flush mount enclosures.

Remote Particle Counters are only one piece of the SMA MicroParticle ICS System. The RPCS integrates multiple Remote Particle Counters, Vacuum Pumps, and Controllers into one System
managed by the RPCS Software.

The Remote Particle Counter data is processed by the SMA MicroParticle ICS Software which presents the information in a regulatory compliant, user friendly interface. The RPCS Software generates reports, such as Audit Trail, Status, Measurement Log, Alarm History, Limit Change History, Notes, and Trends. Customer specific reports can also be created to match facility requirements.


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