Cage2Wash 4 Details

Cage2Wash 4 Details


Hydroxyacetic Acid Detergent

Cage2Wash® 4 is a high performance concentrated hydroxyacetic acid cleaner/descaler liquid cleaning agent designed specifically for automation cleaning requirements in the animal, cosmetic, medical device, food and beverage industries.  Cage2Wash 4 is formulated with glycolic acid, surfactants and other critically essential cleaning ingredients.

The product ingredients of Cage2Wash 4 provide a stabilized formula that is capable of cleaning a multitude of critical and non-critical contact surfaces.  This environmentally friendly product is extremely effective in removing residues that include a wide range of inorganic salts, water scales, urine scales (polycarbonate, stainless and other caging materials), proteins, excipients, fine chemicals, silicones, oils, petrolatum, polymers and most all types of inorganics.  Routine use of this product is helpful in removal of free metals and reduces corrosion, pitting and rusting.

Cage2Wash 4 is a non foaming cleaning agent (at all temperatures) and has enhanced cleaning ability to rinse free from systems.  The phosphate free agent can be used in both CIP and COP applications.  Use dilutions range from .15% to 2% dependent upon the soil load to be cleaned.  Each product is shipped with a complete lot documentation package for traceability.


Additional Information

  • Physical Properties
    • Pale Yellow Liquid
    • Slight Chemical Odor
    • 1.12 Specific Gravity
    • 2.8 pH @ 1%
    • Complete Solubility
    • Non Foaming
    • Excellent Rinsing
    • Phosphate Free
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    Translations available in the following languages:

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