Cage2Wash N Details

Cage2Wash N Details


Alkaline Based Neutralizer

Cage2Wash® N is a highly concentrated liquid alkaline based neutralizing agent used to raise solution pH, and is specifically designed for all types of effluent treatment.  It is used to neutralize acidic solutions and allow for permissible effluent compliance where pH ranges are established.  Cage2Wash N is phosphate free and non-foaming.

Cage2Wash N is used wherever pH adjustment is needed.  The concentrate use dilution will be conditional on the pH desired and the solution “soil” to be adjusted.  Concentrate Cage2Wash N should be mixed slowly to optimize results and avoid potential violent reactions.  Cage2Wash N should not be diluted prior to use.

The concentrated formula minimizes the actual use dilution for low cost per use.  This product is non-foaming, which is ideal for optimal automated cleaning.  This product includes a lot specific documentation package, which provides product consistency and integrity.  This product is phosphate free.

The neutralized solution is safe for use on all stainless steel surfaces.


Additional Information

  • Physical Properties
    • Clear to Opaque Liquid
    • Odorless
    • Moderate Detergency
    • 1.53 Specific Gravity
    • 13.7 pH @1%
    • 100% Solubility
    • Non Foaming
    • Excellent Rinsing
    • 32 °F – 90 °F Storage Recommendation
    • 0.00% P Content
    • 0.00% N Content
  • Technical Documents


    Translations available in the following languages:


    Translations available in the following languages:

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