DECON-QUAT 200V Details


Veterinary Disinfectant, Virucide, Sanitizer, Germicidal Detergent, Deodorizer, and Fungicide

DECON-QUAT® 200V is a veterinary disinfectant, virucide, sanitizer, germicidal detergent, deodorant, and fungicide designed specifically for the life science and research and development industries.

DECON-QUAT 200V is a one step neutral pH quaternary ammonium solution for use in veterinary, dairy, equine, poultry plants, poultry/turkey farms, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurant, food handling, process areas, households, hotels, motels, food service, commercial, institutional and industrial use.  It is effective as a broad spectrum disinfectant, virucide, non-food contact sanitizer, and fungicide.

This product is an EPA registered disinfectant, virucide, and fungicide that is proven to be effective against a wide array of organisms when used as directed.  The verified results provide an added level of quality assurance to your overall cleaning and disinfection program.  DECON-QUAT 200V is neutral pH and non-corrosive to most substrates at recommended use dilution.  Pitting and corrosion is often the result of other aggressive decontamination agents.  That corrosion may lead to harborage of organisms that may adversely affect your overall cleaning program.

DECON-QUAT 200V avoids the main cause of corrosion – pH imbalance.  The formula of this product is designed to easily rinse free from product surfaces.  Many surfaces can be treated without rinsing.

This product is manufactured and tested from beginning to end in an EPA registered manufacturing facility, and meets the highest standards in manufacturing and processing.  This assures the highest level of quality and integrity of the final product.  Lot specific analysis is available and the product is fully traceable.  This product is phosphate free.  The low cost per use is realized due to its high concentration formula.

Actual use dilution is dependent upon the decontamination requirements of the specific organisms present.  For example, efficacy can be achieved as low as 660 ppm or ½ ounce per gallon of water for most broad spectrum claims, animal virucidal claims and fungicidal claims.  Two ounce per gallon of water is required for Parvovirus and Rabies claims.



  • Physical Properties
    • Clear, Colorless to Straw-Colored Liquid
    • 1.01 Specific Gravity
    • 6.0 to 8.0 pH @ 1%
    • Moderate Foaming
    • Excellent Solubility
    • Excellent Rinsing
    • >100 Viscosity 13.6 mm 2/s
    • Phosphate Free

Technical Documents

  • SDS/SB258
  • SDS/SB258

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