Cart2Core System Details


Veltek Associates, Inc. has developed an innovative, patent pending, product that nearly eliminates the problematic issue of correct aseptic cart transference. Current industry practice for cleaning and subsequent disinfection of the upper portions of the cart, while labor intensive, is manageable. However, cleaning of bases, wheels, casters, and underneath the cart are virtually impossible. The problems that arise with cleaning the base of the cart are numerous and include contamination of employee gloves and gowns, gloves tearing, risk of injury, and ineffective use of time.

The Cart2Core®, Aseptic Cart Transferring System, provides the ability for cleanroom operations to transfer materials through classified areas while reducing the possibility of particulate and microbial cross-contamination. A previously arduous process has become simple. The cart top is able to be transferred to another previously cleaned, disinfected, or sterilized cart base located in the next classified area. Simple lift the handle and slide the top of the cart onto the next base, leaving the potential contamination behind.

Available cart top configurations include: a Micro Cart for production, micro, and cleaning personnel, a Can and Bottle Cart that is designed to convey large cans and bottles, and a Tray Cart for transporting trays of vials, parts, and other needed items. All carts are completely autoclavable, sterilizable, chemical resistant, and constructed of 316L Stainless Steel.

  • Benefits of the Cart2Core® System
    • Allows for wheels and bases to be easily and effectively cleaned, disinfected, or sterilized by making the bases and wheels removable
    • Reduces safety concerns with cleaning
    • Provides the ability to steam sterilize bases and wheels routinely
    • Reduces the overuse of disinfectants, therefore, reducing corrosion and pitting
    • Reduces garment contamination and glove ripping
  • Quality, Construction, and Features
    • Constructed of a sturdy 316L Stainless Steel
    • Fully welded seams that eliminates gaps, unsmooth surfaces, and improves cleaning
    • Easy pull handle for cart transfer to another base
    • Wheel lock that secures the base during the transfer
    • Easy grip push handles
    • Fits in 4ft autoclaves
    • RFID coding available/optional for easy location
    • 2,400 lbs. weight capacity (caster rating @ 600 psi)
    • 12-point transfer efficiency
    • Standard sizes listed; custom size carts are available upon request
  • Product Use
    • For the transportation of materials between cleanroom classifications that ensures a reduced risk of cross-contamination.