VAI manufactures a residue removing cleaner that is processed to meet the standards required by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  DECON-CLEAN was designed to be a cleaning agent that removes residues left behind from disinfecting agents.  DECON-CLEAN® is designed for use in aseptic filling suites to controlled corridors and can be used for all washable, non-porous, environmental surfaces in order to return the surface to its original form after being disinfected.

DECON-CLEAN is available sterile and non-sterile, in multiple container sizes and in concentrate or ready to use packages.  All product is delivered with lot specific documentation and is completely traceable.

DECON-CLEAN is available in multiple container sizes and in our patented SimpleMix system that allows for safe and fresh dilutions every single time.  To learn more about our SimpleMix system, click here.


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