VAI® manufactures an effective, one-step, ready-to-use, residue remover, and glass and plexiglass cleaner that is formulated with USP Water for Injection. DECON-GLASS® removes noticeable and unnoticeable residues, smudges, oils, and dirt build up, thus returning the surface to its original form. Return of the surface to the original form assures that future decontamination operations will address surfaces and not the existing residues.

DECON-GLASS is designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleaning cycles that demand a sterile glass and plexiglass cleaner capable of removing residues from disinfecting agents. DECON-GLASS is an excellent cleaner designed for all washable, non-porous environmental surfaces.


Additional Information

  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Filled in an ISO 5 (Grade A/B, Former Class 100) operation
    • Filtered at 0.2 microns
    • Formulated with USP Water for Injection (0.25 EU/mL)
    • Components are air washed with 0.2 micron filtered air before assembly
    • Gamma irradiated at a 10-6 SAL
    • Lot sterility tested according to current USP compendium
    • Completely traceable from start to finish
    • Completely validated for sterility and shelf life
  • Features and Benefits
    • Features and Benefits
    • Each sterile container is double bagged in easy tear packaging
    • Quadruple bagged in the ABCD Cleanroom Introduction System®
    • Individually labeled with lot number and expiration
    • Delivered with lot specific Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Irradiation, and Certificate of Sterility tested to current USP compendium
    • Specifically formulated as a glass cleaner and degreaser
    • Designed for all washable environmental surfaces
    • Streak free and incorporates detergency characteristics
    • Low remaining residue
  • Product Uses
    • Environmental, hard, non-porous surfaces
    • Glass, plexiglass
    • Applications that require the use of a streak free sterile glass cleaner
    • Use where there is a build-up of previous disinfectants, oil, or residue as a residue remover
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    Translations available in the following languages:

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