STERI-OIL 200 Details

STERI-OIL 200 Details


VAI® manufactures a sterile, USP grade, penetrating mineral oil lubricant, STERI-OIL®. STERI-OIL 200 has been developed for use as a sterile lubricant in aseptic manufacturing areas and cleanrooms to reduce items from sticking, penetrate and lubricate mechanisms, and for moisture displacement.

STERI-OIL 200 is processed to comply with the standards required by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare industries. STERI-OIL 200’s heavy consistency provides lubrication, prevents metal-to-metal contact, can withstand high friction without displacement, and reduces metal fatigue. STERI-OIL 200 is ideal for machinery lubrication, which is an essential step for trouble free equipment operation during manufacturing.


Additional Information

  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Filled in an ISO 5 (Grade A/B, Former Class 100) operation
    • Filtered at 0.2 microns
    • Components are air washed with 0.2 micron filtered air before assembly
    • Gamma irradiated at a 10-6 SAL
    • Lot sterility tested according to current USP compendium
    • Completely traceable from start to finish
    • Completely validated for sterility and shelf life
  • Features and Benefits
    • Each sterile container is double bagged in easy tear packaging
    • Quadruple bagged in the ABCD Cleanroom Introduction System®
    • Individually labeled with lot number and expiration
    • Delivered with lot specific analytical, irradiation, and sterility data, tested to current USP compendium
    • Specifically formulated as a sterile cleanroom formula
    • Available in an 1 oz bottle with a dropper tip for precise application
    • Bottle design prevents over use and over application
    • Heavy consistency ensures excellent lubrication and penetration
    • Allows for trouble free processing during manufacturing
    • 100% mineral oil
  • Product Uses
    • Lubricate moving parts, machinery, and equipment for trouble free operations
    • Penetrate mechanisms
    • Prevent metal-to-metal contact and reduce metal fatigue
    • Moisture displacement
    • Reduce items from sticking
    • On intricate machinery parts or where precise lubrication application is required
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