Core2Scan Readers Details

Core2Scan Readers Details


Core2Scan® Readers are the second step in the Core2Scan Solution.

VAI offers both Fixed and Handheld Readers that are used to gather information from Core2Scan tags containing an RFID Inlay.

When Core2Scan tags pass through a Fixed Reader’s range they are read automatically. Fixed Readers can be placed in any part of a facility and are ideal for tracking the location and
movement of large numbers of tagged assets.

Core2Scan Handheld Readers are used to read, write, and locate Core2Scan tags, as well as read 1D and 2D barcodes.

Read – In the Handheld Reader’s Inventory mode operators can view the Electronic Product Codes (EPC) of all Inlays within range. Masks can be created to view only the items of interest.
Write – The Tag Access utility can be used to read from and write to specific portions of Inlay memory.
Locate – In Geiger Counter mode users can locate specific Inlays by monitoring the Inlay’s signal strength, which the Handheld scanner indicates, audibly and visually.

Additional Information

  • Handheld Features and Benefits
    • Equipped to read Core2Scan tags, as well as 1D and 2D Barcodes
    • Designed with the ability to write and password protect information
    • Ergonomic, easy to use touchscreen and keyboard
    • Offered in regional frequency options including Europe, China, and others
    • Durable and drop resistant
    • Available with two batteries for extended usage
  • Fixed Readers Features and Benefits
    • Reads tags without any operator action
    • Equipped to capture large quantities of data accurately and quickly
    • Equipped to read RFID Inlays at a rapid rate
    • Cleanroom enclosure, mounting kit, and additional antennas are available