Core2Scan Software Details


Core2Scan® Software is the final step in the Core2Scan Solution.

Paired with Core2Scan Tags and Readers, the Core2Scan Software provides the ability for operators to manage Asset location, information, service workflows, preventative maintenance
workflows, and calibration workflows in a compliant, accurate manner.

The Core2Scan Software is user friendly. At login the system authenticates the operator’s credentials and allows or limits access to functionality based on the operator’s role. The Dashboard presents a clear overview of asset status and workflow activity.

Reporting provides the users access to critical data on assets in the system. The history of all location tracking and user processes are tracked and maintained for every asset in Core2Scan. This information can be exported or organized into reports.

The Core2Scan Software makes users accountable for each task in the workflow. It tracks who, what, and when: Who performed the task, What the task was, and When the task was performed. Tasks include preventive maintenance, calibration, and service requests. Users are notified by email when key steps are upcoming, completed, or overdue. These workflows can be customized to meet your facility needs.

The Core2Scan Software is compliant with industry regulations. The data contained within the Software can be leveraged to support audits, internal reviews, and data integrity assessments.


Core2Scan Handheld Software
Core2Scan Software License
  • Screens, Features, and Configurations
    • Dashboard – Provides an overview of Asset status, service requests, preventive maintenance, calibration, and recent activity
    • Facility Map – Use to track the physical location of Assets
    • All Assets screen – Use to search, add, export, and view Asset information
    • Asset Detail screen – Use to edit and view detailed Asset information, as well as perform service, maintenance, and calibration workflows
    • Reports – Use to create Audit, Asset Detail Audit, Decommissioned Assets, Calibration, and Preventive Maintenance Reports
    • Administration – Use to manage vendors, departments, Asset categories, Asset types, and Asset document types
    • Email Notification – Use to communicate service request, calibration, and preventative maintenance status