DECON-PHENE Plus Details

DECON-PHENE Plus Details


VAI manufactures a high pH phenolic, broad spectrum, disinfectant for use in cleanrooms and controlled areas. The efficacy of DECON-PHENE Plus has been confirmed using the A.O.A.C Use-Dilution Test against S. aureus (ATCC 6538) and P. aeruginosa (ATCC 15442) diluted with 200 ppm hard water to make a 1:128 use dilution with a 10 minute contact time.

DECON-PHENE Plus disinfects controlled areas such as those in compounding pharmacies, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, medical device, industrial facilities, diagnostic manufacturing facilities, and research laboratories. DECON-PHENE Plus is compatible with most non-porous hard surface materials and can be used on surfaces in aseptic filling and gowning rooms, in general manufacturing areas, and in laboratories.


WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including o-Phenylphenol, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Additional Information

  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Filled in an ISO 5 (Grade A/B, Former Class 100)
    • Filtered at 0.2 microns
    • Components are air washed with 0.2 micron filtered air before assembly
    • Gamma irradiated at a 10-6 SAL
    • Lot sterility tested according to current USP compendium
    • Completely traceable from start to finish
    • Completely validated for sterility and shelf life
  • Features and Benefits
    • Each sterile container is double bagged in easy tear packaging
    • Quadruple bagged in the ABCD Cleanroom Introduction System®
    • Individually labeled with lot number and expiration
    • Delivered with lot specific Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Irradiation, and Certificate of Sterility tested to current USP compendium
    • Available in our convenient, one-step, ready-to-use, SimpleMix System made with USP Water for Injection (0.25 EU/mL)
    • Multiple convenient container sizes – Unit Dose, 16 oz, 1 Gallon, and 200 L either sterile or non-sterile
    • Effective in hard water (200 ppm)
    • One-step cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant
    • Multi-purpose detergent
    • Hospital grade disinfectant
    • This product eliminates odors by killing odor-causing bacteria
  • Product Uses
    • Cleanrooms and controlled areas
    • Aseptic filling and gowning rooms, general manufacturing areas, laboratories
    • Hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces
    • Machinery, tools, tables, counters, laminar-flow benches, floors, walls, carts, shelves
    • Plastic, glass, vinyl, glazed porcelain, laminates, glazed tile, and stainless steel, washable painted and varnished surfaces
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