DECON-SPORE 200 Plus Details


VAI® manufactures an EPA Registered Peracetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide solution that is for use as a broad spectrum sanitizer, disinfectant, virucide, sporicide, sterilant, fungicide, cleaner and deodorizer. DECON-SPORE 200® Plus is a proven “one-step” disinfectant – virucide that cleans as it disinfects in one operation and has been shown to be effective in water up to 400 ppm hardness in the presence of 5% serum contamination.

DECON-SPORE 200 Plus is recommended for use in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, hospital, healthcare, and lab animal research industries. DECON-SPORE 200 Plus has been developed for use in cleaning rotation cycles where hard surface disinfectants are essential to maintaining a clean environment.
Sanitizer – Disinfectant – Virucide* – Fungicide – Sporicide – Sterilant – Deodorizer – Cleaner
* When used as directed

DECON-SPORE 200 Plus is available in four dilution ratios: as a concentrate, as a disinfectant dose, as a sporicidal dose, and at a 3% dilution dose. DECON-SPORE 200 Plus 3% dilution (3 oz/gal) dose is for use specially in healthcare and hospital facilities as a one-step hospital use germicidal disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorant.

DECON-SPORE 200 Plus is available in multiple container sizes including in our patented SimpleMix system that allows for fresh and safe dilutions every single time. For more information on our SimpleMix system, click here.

*Claims, product registrations, and regulatory requirements may vary based on local, regional, and/or national laws and regulations. Please contact your local sales representative for information specific to your region.*



  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Filled in an ISO 5 cleanroom (Grade A)
    • Filtered at 0.2 microns
    • Components are air washed with 0.2 micron filtered air before assembly
    • Aseptically filled into sterile components via gamma irradiation
    • Lot sterility tested according to current USP compendium
    • Completely traceable from start to finish
    • Completely validated for sterility and shelf life
  • Features and Benefits
    • Each sterile container is individually bagged in easy tear packaging
    • Each sterile container of SimpleMix is individually double bagged in easy tear packaging
    • Individually labeled with lot number and expiration
    • Delivered with lot specific analytical and sterility data, tested to current USP compendium
    • Available in three configurations: concentrate, disinfectant use dilution, and sporicidal use dilution
    • Available in the convenient, one-step, ready-to-use, SimpleMix® System made with USP Water for Injection (0.25 EU/mL)
    • Concentrated broad-spectrum disinfectant-virucide
    • Disinfects as it at cleans in one operation
    • Designed for the sterilization of manufacturing, filling, and packaging equipment in aseptic processes
    • Proven one-step disinfectant-cleaner for use in healthcare settings and quickly removes dirt, grime, blood, and other organic matter commonly found in healthcare facilities
    • Effective disinfectant in water up to 500ppm hardness in the presence of 5% serum contamination and dried soap film residue
  • Product Uses
    • Floors, walls, tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, shelves, racks, carts
    • Filling equipment, packaging equipment
    • Tiles, linoleum, vinyl, glazed porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, glass

Technical Documents

  • SDS/SB258

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  • SDS/SB258
  • SDS/SB258

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