Cleanroom Apparel Details

Cleanroom Apparel Details


VAI offers disposable non-sterile cleanroom apparel including boot covers, shoe covers, bouffant hats, and sweat-less headbands.

Cleanroom Boot Covers are latex and lint free, with a seamless bottom, suitable for use in a clean environment. The boot covers are manufactured from a blend of polyolefin coated polypropylene then uniquely constructed to create an impervious sole and side with an elastic ankle. This combination offers extraordinary traction and skid resistance. Furthermore, the covers are extremely durable, and resistant to liquids. Overall, this is the toughest, most durable and impervious boot cover currently on the market. The boot covers are ideal for wash down uses, cleanroom uses, and are built specifically for use in low traction areas.

VAI’s Shoe Covers are latex and lint free, with a surged bottom seam that is made to be suitable for the use in clean environments. These shoe covers are a special polyolefin blend laminated to a polypropylene substrate. Due to this special blend, these shoe covers offer the best traction properties and skid resistance currently available in any shoe cover. These shoe covers are built specifically for use in low traction areas. Furthermore, the covers are extremely durable, resistant to liquids, and have an elasticized top opening.

VAI’s bouffant head covers are designed and manufactured in a pleated design that is low in lint and full coverage, for use in a cleanroom setting. They are made from 100% virgin polypropylene. While a standard bouffant is hand sewn, our pleated design is made by fully automated equipment, therefore, lowering possible contamination and bio-burden. They are lightweight, cool, breathable and latex free for added comfort. Having a pleated design allows for greater storage capacity in the gowning room and ease of handling and filling. Less waste is experienced because it is easier for the operator to just take one.

Finally, VAI offers a protective and comfortable sweat-less headband for use under a bouffant hat in a clean environment. The headbands were designed specifically for the comfort of the end user. Made of a laundered nylon, the sweat-less headbands are soft, comfortable, and absorbent. The intended function is to provide a mechanism to absorb perspiration in an easy to use, disposable, and clean product. Overall, this product will reduce a potential contamination risk and the need for an employee to use products from outside the operation.

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