Face Masks Details

Face Masks Details


The PF-2 Face Masks have been innovatively designed for use in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries or in any cleanroom operation. VAI’s PF-2 Face Masks are made of 100% rayon. The PF-2 Face Masks allows for excellent breathability, comfort, and protection, while maintaining filtration efficiency. The mask is designed to absorb moisture, therefore, it continually improves its own filtration efficiency. VAI’s Face Masks are low in particulate and shedding characteristics and offer a barrier between the environment and the user.

PF-2 Face Masks come standard with a comfort fit nose piece that, along with the Face Mask’s absorption efficiency, virtually eliminates fogging of one’s own goggles. The comfort fit nose piece also protects the wearer from the lower edge of the goggle. This feature makes it unnecessary to continually adjust the goggles.

VAI’s Face Masks are available in sterile and non-sterile varieties with two elastic head straps or four tie head straps.

Additional Information

  • Features and Benefits
    • Sterile masks are available individually packaged with bulk non-sterile packaging available
    • Available in two different styles: either two elastic straps or 4 ties
    • Five year validated closed packaged expiration date with sterility assured via gamma irradiation
    • Delivered each time with lot specific documentation
    • Soft, comfortable, and breathable
    • Low particulate and shedding characteristics
    • Mask continually improves its own filtration efficiency
    • Goggle fogging is virtually eliminated due to absorption efficiency