USP 800 Barrier Gowns Details


VAI® offers barrier gowns for use where handling hazardous drugs or chemicals, where exposure to bloodborne pathogens, or where liquid splashes are a concern. USP <800> Gowns have been designed and tested specifically for compliance with the USP <800> guidance for handling of hazardous drugs. These gowns are constructed of a multi-layer blend of polyethylene and propylene that has been tested and verified against Chemotherapy Drug Permeation per ASTM D6978 testing. In addition, these gowns are made with low fabric, therefore, are USP <797> compliant for critical environments and cleanrooms.

USP <800> Gowns come standard with liquid proof taped seams, tunnelized elastic wrists, elastic thumb loops, a Velcro neck loop closure, and extra-long coated waist ties for easy front or rear closure. All gowns have serged seams that are sealed with a proprietary co-polymer tape. This makes both the gown’s fabric and seams tested and verified hazardous drug barriers. USP <800> Gowns are blue with blue taped seams and available in two sizes: Hybrid Small-Medium and Hybrid Large-XL. Each gown is individually inspected for sizing, stitching, and workmanship.


USP 800 Frock, Non-Sterile  L/XL
USP 800 Frock, Non-Sterile S/M
  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Fully assembled in a controlled environment
    • Individually inspected for sizing, stitching, and workmanship
    • Individually packaged and labeled with lot number and expiration date
    • Packaged in easy tear vacuum sealed bags
    • Completely lot traceable
    • 10 year closed bag expiration
  • Features and Benefits
    • Designed and tested gown for compliance with USP <800> recommended procedure for the handling of hazardous drugs
    • Verified hazardous drug barrier gown and seams per ASTM D6978 Chemotherapy Drug Permeation Testing
    • Resistant against bloodborne pathogens per ASTM F1671 Testing
    • Suitable for use where liquid splash is a concern and resistant to many hazardous liquids
    • Suitable for critical and cleanroom environments; low particulates
    • Gowns available sterile for USP <797> compliance
    • ISO Cleanroom Class 6 per Helmke Drum Testing
    • Liquid proof seams
    • Class 1 Flammability per CPSC 1610 Testing
    • Tunnelized elastic wrists and elastic thumb loops
    • Velcro neck loop closure and extra log coated waist ties for easy front or rear closure
    • Constructed of a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene fabrics
    • Neatly folded and packaged 10 individual bags per sealed inner polybag, 3 inner polybags per sealed master bag.