SMA Compressed Air Sampler Details


VAI®’s Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) addresses the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, and electronics industries with a complete range of compressed air/gas viable environmental monitoring equipment.

VAI offers both the automated SMA® Compressed Air/Gas Sampler, and the manual SMA® Compressed Air/Gas Atrium for the collection of microorganisms in compressed air and gas lines.

The SMA® Compressed Air/Gas Sampler is used for the automated collection of microorganisms in compressed air and gas lines. It monitors and regulates air flow, has a programmable timer, and can sample compressed air/gas lines up to 100 psi at 1 CFM. The instrument can sample compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. Contact VAI before sampling any other gases (e.g. oxygen). The SMA Compressed Air/Gas Sampler incorporates the same multi-orifice sampling methods as the standard SMA Atrium® that allows continuous monitoring of compressed air/gas lines. The instrument has a safety mechanism that releases pressure when incoming gas pressure exceeds 100 psi. Furthermore, it allows you to view air flow in CFM or Liters Per Minute (LPM).

SMA Compressed Air/Gas Atriums are used for the manual collection of microorganisms in compressed air/gas lines with either a rotameter or a pressure regulator valve to determine the level of viable contamination. A SMA Compressed Air/Gas Atrium is a 316 Stainless Steel capture device that is connected to a compressed air source. It has an extension tube that attaches to ¼ inch Hytrel® tubing. Air is directed from the compressed air source to impact onto a media plate contained inside of the Atrium. The plate is then incubated and tested to determine the level of any present viable contamination. Air flow calibration and timing must be performed manually using separate instruments. To regulate air flow, install a pressure regulator valve at the point of sample or use our SMA-ROT-SS-60C rotameter.

VAI offers on-site calibration and repair services. Please contact us for details.



SMA Compressed Air/Gas Sampler
SMA Compressed Air/Gas Atrium Assembly
  • SMA Compressed Air/Gas Sampler Product Uses
    • Program and view a sample time
    • Start and cancel a sample cycle
    • Monitor and control air flow
    • Release pressure before opening the sampling head
    • Provide visual notification when the
      • Sample cycle is in progress
      • Sampling head is under pressure
      • Sample complete audible alarm is enabled
      • Battery requires charging
    • Provide audible and visual alarms when
      • The sample cycle is complete
      • There is a 1 CFM error during a sample cycle
  • SMA Compressed Air/Gas Sampler Features and Benefits
    • Sampling head and hose can be completely sterilized by steam, heat, or ethylene oxide (ETO)
    • Disinfect using select VAI products
    • Meets North American (ETL) and European Community (CE) safety standards
    • Includes a battery, battery charger, gasket, Stainless Steel pressure hose, and 0.2 micron filter
  • SMA Compressed Air/Gas Atriums Features and Benefits
    • Easily connected to sample points with sterile 1/4 inch Hytrel® tubing
    • Constructed of 316L Stainless Steel
    • Completely sterilized by steam, heat, or ethylene oxide (ETO)
    • Used with standard media plates (90 or 100 mm) with 18, 25, or 32 mL fill levels, at a flow rate of 1 CFM
    • Does not require a vacuum source to operate
    • Exhaust air is released from underneath the Atrium without affecting the sample in progress
    • Compact size allows them to be located near filling processes where space is limited
    • Available as a complete top and bottom assembly
    • Vents from the bottom which eliminates the need for additional vacuum connection ports or tubing