SMA MicroPortable ICS Air Sampler Details


The SMA MicroPortable® ICS provides continuous air monitoring for viable particles at quality control sample points. The SMA MicroPortable ICS regulates air flow through a SMA Atrium. A SMA Atrium is a stainless steel device that directs air from the environment to impact onto a media plate. The media plate is then tested to determine the amount of viable contamination in the environment.

The SMA MicroPortable ICS is battery powered and compact, which allows it to be easily moved to desired air sampling points. It combines the sampling capability of the SMA Atrium with calibrated air flow and a touchscreen interface.

The SMA MicroPortable ICS provides strict regulation of air flow and will alarm the operator if the air flow deviates beyond the acceptable range. The system also monitors and indicates a variety of operational parameters including the sample’s volume and elapsed time.

The SMA MicroPortable ICS is a networked device that may be remotely accessed by operators and administrators. The device can export event history to a removable USB flash drive. Event history includes sampling and calibration events.

The SMA MicroPortable ICS is compatible with ½”, ¼”, and D50 SMA Atrium tops. For more information, see SMA Atriums.

VAI offers calibration and repair services. Please contact us for details.



SMA MicroPortable ICS Air Sampler
SMA MicroPortable ICS
  • Product Uses
    • Provides a full-featured solution to control and monitor air sampling in controlled environments
    • Regulates air flow for a preset time-duration or until a preset volume has been sampled
    • Provides the option to view the interface on a remote desktop using VNC Client
    • Initiate, monitor, and abort sampling from the Sample screen
    • View and export a log of events from the Event Log screen
    • Configure settings such as flow rate, sample mode, alarm audio, units of measure, and labels, etc. from the Settings screen
  • Features and Benefits
    • Touchscreen can be used with gloved hands
    • Can be disinfected using select VAI products
    • SMA Atrium Top can be completely sterilized by steam, heat, or ethylene oxide (ETO)
    • Fully charged battery lasts eight hours
    • Selectable flow rates, volumes, and sample times
    • communications USB, WIFI, and Network capable