Process2Clean 2 Details

Process2Clean 2 Details


Process2Clean 2 Acid Based Detergent is a high performance and concentrated detergent that is one of VAI®’s most effective acid cleaning agents for removing a wide array of residues. This phosphoric acid detergent formulated with surfactants and chelating agents, helps to reduce corrosion, pitting, and rusting and is capable of removing most all inorganic soil loads. Process2Clean 2 is low foaming, has excellent detergency characteristics, and is very free rinsing.

Process2Clean 2 material compatibility at recommended use dilutions: stainless steel, glass, and a variety of plastics.

Process2Clean 2 cleaning residue specialties: inorganic soils including scale deposits, fine chemicals, polymers, particulate carbons, and coatings.

Process2Clean 2 applications: automated wash equipment, spray systems, soak, and manual cleaning.

Additional Information

  • Specifications
    • Characteristic: Acidic
    • Color: Clear – pale yellow
    • Appearance: Clear
    • Odor: Slight odor
    • Specific Gravity: 1.170 – 1.370
    • pH (1% solution) : 0.86 – 2.86
    • Conductivity (1% solution): 5.1 – 9.1 mS
    • P Content: 29.70%
    • Detergency: Excellent
    • Solubility: Miscible with water
    • Foaming: Low
    • Storage Recommendation: Ambient
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