Laboratory Testing Service Details

Laboratory Testing Service Details


VAI Laboratories is a value-added service available through Veltek Associates, Inc. that not only completes required testing but also provides an invaluable source of information from experienced laboratory and disinfection professionals who are involved daily in GMP settings.  It was established to assist our customers by providing microbiological testing services ranging from the identification of microorganisms to antimicrobial effectiveness studies to prove the effectiveness of selected disinfectants.

To date, there has been no completely encompassing alternative provided in the marketplace that can provide services from identification of an organism to effective destruction of the organism from the environment.  Thus, microbiologists are continually forced to focus efforts on basic laboratory services that are costly and time consuming.  Therefore, this is where VAI Labs comes in.

VAI Laboratories conducts either time contact kill studies on standard or user surfaces and, AOAC protocol testing studies.  All tests are performed in triplicate and done at three specified contact (dry time) time periods.  A complete report of the study is presented to the end user to complete their documentation file for internal or external audit requirements.

The CORE (Critical Ongoing Residue Evaluation) program is a service offered within the VAI Laboratories division of VAI.  The focus of the division is to provide our clients with a specialized laboratory service that can assist them in performing product contact cleaning evaluation studies as an external service. This department tests user product residues on Stainless Steel coupons in our unique CORE Analysis Chamber to determine the level of cleaning achieved by detergents that are used in operations.  May it be older operations or a new operation, the CORE program provides the requirements necessary to meet both internal requirements and external regulatory expectations by providing you, the end user, sound scientific rationale in your detergent selection process.

VAI’s comprehensive pharma-biotech cleaning program also provides analytical methods of detection specific to VAI’s process cleaners as well as compatibility, TOC curves, conductivity curves, toxicological reports, and other controlled documents to help support your cleaning validation plans.

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