WipeDown 1-2-3 Details

WipeDown 1-2-3 Details


VAI’s WipeDown 1-2-3TM has been designed to address the risk of occupational exposure to most hazardous drugs during compounding sterile preparations, and administering, as outlined in USP . WipeDown 1-2-3 is a sterile 3 step application wipe kit, that when used in sequence, provides deactivation, decontamination, and disinfection/cleaning of sterile compounding surfaces from most hazardous drugs. WipeDown 1-2-3 satisfies both USP compounding sterile preparations and USP hazardous drugs – handling in healthcare settings.

Each Sterile WipeDown 1-2-3 kit includes:

  • Packet #1 – HYPO-CHLOR®, 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite for deactivation
  • Packet #2 – THIO-WIPETM, 2% USP Sodium thiosulfate for decontamination
  • Packet #3 – ALCOH-WIPE®, 70% USP Isopropyl Alcohol for disinfecting/cleaning

All three packets consist of premium wiper material that is, non-woven, non-shedding, and 9”x12” for optimal use and saturation. Each chemical component is formulated with Water for Injection and filtered at 0.2 microns with sterility assurance via aseptic filtration into gamma irradiated sterile components or through gamma irradiation. Individual kits, containing all three packets, are individually bagged and packaged into a liner bag for easy transport into sterile areas. Each kit is individually labeled with lot number and expiration and each shipment of WipeDown 1-2-3 is supported by a lot Certificate with Analysis, Irradiation, and Sterility information.

Patents: www.sterile.com/patents

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