Cleanroom Documentation Systems

      Introducing VAI’s Cleanroom Documentation Systems!

VAI’s CleanPrint 10 writing substrate, Core2Write custom documentation, and Core2Print® printing systems have been developed to address documentation materials that shed fibers or particulates in aseptic GMP operation. Airborne fibers and particulates can come to reside on surfaces throughout the clean room that may include product contact surfaces. The newly patented CleanPrint 10, Core2Write, and Core2Print address and solve questions surrounding particulate and fiber shedding in cleanroom documentation systems.


C2P_Logo_WebCore2Print is a patent pending technology that modernizes the method for printing required sterile documentation within aseptic manufacturing environments. The Core2Print is constructed of a 316 stainless steel cabinet and lexan windows for durability and a clear view of the printer operation. The cabinet is also equipped with HEPA filtration, positive pressure to the cabinet is equally filtered to the controlled environment. The CP10 printer is housed in the cabinet, wirelessly prints onto VAI’s pre-sterilized CleanPrint 10 synthetic paper.

C2W_Logo_WebCore2Write is a product line developed by VAI that revolutionizes documentation methods in GMP operations, with custom designed logbooks, labels, forms, and tags printed on CleanPrint 10 synthetic paper. Core2Write products are designed and packaged according to customer specifications, and incorporate customer specific documentation requirements. Each product is available in a variety of sizes, colors, thicknesses, and configurations. To mitigate the risk of losing critical documentation Core2Write products have the option of adding a barcode or patented Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

CleanPrint10_Logo_WebCleanPrint10 is a patented synthetic substrate that is used as the base for all Core2Write products and used as the printing medium in the Core2Print. CleanPrint 10 is exceptionally durable, comprised of adhesive bonds that are as much as 10 times more durable than other synthetic substrates. CleanPrint 10 is pliable, resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and ink smearing. In addition, this substrate is cellulose free and extremely low in particle shedding.