ECMD Services

ECMD Services

VAI’s Environmental Control Monitoring Division (EMCD) has designed and manufactured a complete range of air sampling equipment.  Our equipment is built to last, many of our earliest models have been in use for over 30 years.

VAI’s knowledgeable technicians and engineers can build, calibrate, and repair all ECMD Equipment.

VAI recommends yearly calibration for all ECMD Equipment.  Annual calibration proves that the equipment has been tested to ensure accuracy, and helps ensure a it is able to achieve the highest possible levels of measurement quality.  Equipment calibration is often required in validated or regulated applications, such as the pharmaceutical and bioscience industries.

VAI also offers repairs.  Our knowledgeable engineers and technicians can prolong the life of your ECMD Equipment.  The majority of our equipment is manufactured in Pennsylvania and some of our earliest models have been in use for over 30 years.

ECMD Equipment can be shipped to VAI for calibration and repair, or a Service Technician can travel to your location.

Contact your VAI Sales Representative for more information.

ECMD Equipment includes:

Portable Systems
  • SMA MicroPortable Air Samplers
  • SMA MicroPortable ICS Air Samplers
  • SMA Compressed Air/Gas Samplers
  • SMA MicroParticle ICS Portable Systems
Facility Systems
  • SMA OneTouch ICS
  • SMA OneTouch ICS for Isolators
  • SMA OneTouch Command Systems
  • SMA OneTouch Command Systems for Isolators
  • SMA Control Centers (CC)
  • SMA Digital Control Center (DDC)
  • SMA OneTouch Control Panels
  • SMA MicroParticle ICS Facility Systems
Learn how VAI®’s Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) addresses the needs of industries with a complete range of portable viable environmental monitoring equipment.