Non-Viable Fixed

Non-Viable Fixed

Non-viable particles are formed by disintegration of large size materials or condensation of small size particles or droplets, for example: mist, smoke, fume, dust, rust, dirt, pollen, fibers, cloth, and chemical compounds found in makeup, including silicone, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride.  They can act as a transporting agent for viable particles and affect product sterility.  Therefore, it is important to monitor for the presence of non-viable particles in cleanroom and manufacturing environments.

Since 1981 Veltek Associates, Inc. has been a leader in designing innovative products for contamination control in manufacturing operations for the pharmaceutical and bioscience industries.  VAI’s non-viable environmental monitoring systems consist of the SMA MicroParticle Integrated Control System® (ICS) product line.

VAI offers SMA MicroParticle ICS® fixed-in-place facility wide systems for the environmental monitoring of non-viable particles.

A non-viable facility system can consist of multiple Remote Particle Counters, Vacuum Pumps, Control Centers, and Isolator Control Centers managed by the SMA MicroParticle ICS® Software.

There are two main Non-Viable Facility Systems:

  • SMA MicroParticle ICS® Facility Systems
  • SMA MicroParticle ICS® Facility Systems for Isolators

Both systems measure particle counts in cleanrooms and controlled environments.  The isolator system also provides secure sampling inside an isolator, and redirects air flow during Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) sterilization.

Learn how VAI®’s Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) addresses the needs of industries with a complete range of portable viable environmental monitoring equipment.