Sterile Garments Details

Sterile Garments Details


Veltek Associates, Inc.’s disposable garment product line has been redeveloped, and newly designed, specifically for the needs of an aseptic cleanroom operation.  The disposable garments have been refined to include more flexibility and space inside while maintaining a sleek design that works for all body types.  VAI’s disposable garments provide 100% sterility assurance and a zero chance of cross contamination, while keeping the comfort of a laundurable garment.

Our garments are available in two different garment fabrics, 1600 and 1700.  The 1600 garment line is built with a high quality spunbound-meltbound-spunbound (SMS) non-woven PP fabric @ 60gm/m2.  Our 1700 line is built using a MicroPorous coated material that is non-woven and high quality.  Both garment lines are manufactured and constructed identically therefore, the choice between the two garment fabric all depends on the needs of the operations and the end user.

All disposable coveralls, frocks, hoods, and boots are packaged in VAI’s, patented, Easy2Gown fold system.  The Easy2Gown design is a fold that makes a proper aseptic gowning procedure an easy process instead of a routine challenge.  This allows operators to have fewer manipulations while donning these garments, therefore, reducing cross-contamination.

The Easy2Gown system incorporates a patented fold that was designed to minimize contact between the operator and the outside of the gown.  By presenting the inside of the gown upon opening the packaging, the sterile outside is protected from the transfer of contamination during the gowning process.  The user is able to gown with minimal contact to the sterile, outside, portions of the gown.  To learn more about our Easy2Gown system, click here.

Additional Information

  • Features and Benefits
    • A 100% bound seam construction for increased durability and reduced particle permeability
    • Double layer front flap over the zipper to better protect from contamination
    • Elastic thumb loops to reduce shifting
    • Tunnelized elastic wrists and ankle
    • Active athletic styling
    • Top of the disposable hoods are constructed with a highly breathable fabric that releases heat while maintaining protection
    • All of these redeveloped features enhance operator use and comfort
  • Easy2Gown
    • Reduced training time and gowning time because the coverall is pre-folded to be gowned right
    • Better efficiency and performance in gowning qualifications and re-qualifications
    • Risk of operator contamination is greatly reduced during gowning process
    • Hands-on training available upon request
  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Fully assembled in a controlled environment
    • Sewing area uses robotic CAD cutting and seaming equipment, therefore, reducing the amount of hand work and contact with the garment
    • Individually packaged and labeled with the lot number and expiration date
    • All lots are delivered with their respective Certificate of Irradiation and Certificate of Sterility
    • Sterile with a 5 year closed bag expiration, through a validated, gamma irradiation at 10-6 SAL
  • Technical Documents