VAI manufactures USP purified water designed for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.  STERI-WATER® is an excellent choice for chemical formulations, cleaning, rinsing, and many other applications.  STERI-WATER is produced in order to address the need for USP purified water in pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations.

STERI-WATER can be used anywhere that USP Purified Water is needed including in chemical formulation, cleaning, and rinsing.  It comes in 16 oz triggers, and in 1, 2, and 5 Gallon containers.  STERI-WATER is filtered via 0.2 microns, double bagged packaged, and gamma irradiated.  STERI-WATER is completely  traceable and is delivered with lot specific documentation each time.

Not for human or animal injection, diagnostic, or therapeutic use.


Additional Information

  • Quality and Manufacturing
    • Filled in ISO 5 (Grade A/B, Former Class 100)
    • Filtered at 0.2 microns
    • Gamma irradiated to a sterility assurance level of 10-6
    • Sterility tested according to current USP compendium
    • Assayed according to current USP compendium
    • Completely traceable from start to finish
    • Completely validated for sterility and shelf life
  • Features and Benefits
    • Packaged quadruple bagged in the ABCD Clean Room Introduction System™
    • Delivered with a lot specific Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Irradiation, and Certificate of Sterility
    • Ready-to-Use
  • Product Uses
    • Chemical formulation
    • Cleaning
    • Rinsing
    • Lubricating parts
      For the ISO 5 (Grade A/B) Class 100, use VAI WFI Quality Water
  • Technical Documents

    Technical Reports



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